my summer with emmerson {a video}

Knowing this was the last summer with Emmerson before baby boy arrives, 
I wanted to be intentional with how we spent our days.
I made all of kinds of plans and activities, getting us out of the house at least once a day...

Did they all happen?
(We can thank baby boy for that!)

But, we still found the "happy" in those normal days at home.
(Plus, she DID fly to Costa Rica and Florida, so it wasn't a total waste of summer!)

What a sweet, sweet last summer with our family of three.


words for after-baby lauren...

Love yourself.
Right now.

Your body has changed tremendously.
Give yourself grace.
You are the exact mama Hutch needs.
Your love for Emmerson has not faded.
She knows you love her still.

Love yourself.
Right now.

Husband loves you so much.
You're beautiful to him, right now.
Your physical appearance can change, when you're ready.
Don't push it.
You are worth more than what you see in the mirror and hear in your mind.

Love yourself.
Right now.

Take your time.
Hutch is new to this world, Mama.
Give him grace, too.
Embrace the mess and see the joy.
Thank God, even when you don't want to.

Love yourself.
Right now.

Who you are is more than the fog you're in.

Love yourself.
Right now.