emmerson says...(part 3)

"My teeth are messing up. My teeth are not good singers." 
Having a bit of trouble singing "Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart."

"I don't want to smell your hiccups."

"The puppy fell asleep on my LEG! It was SO tired."
Told with drama flair hands and the most hilarious hand to mouth, head back, fake laugh.

"ALL my friends have E's."
Huge emphasis on the "ALL," very matter of fact.

"I'm so proud for him, for he's ONE!"
Proud sister all week leading up to Hutch's birthday.

"Daddy, you scared me. You're silly. You have to stop that tomorrow."

"Boys have peanuts."
Yep. Exactly what it sounds like she's trying to say...

"Daddy, make sure we don't fall in the water!"
As we cross over the bridge to her dance class.

"Hey, Daddy! Did you know words come out of your MOUTH?!"
Love those lightbulb moments.

"Your words are kind of tricky."


hutch steven {a video}

 (These two are blurry every time I upload them and I have no clue why. I'm giving it to Jesus and letting go of my perfectionism. He's cute, even blurry.)

Here we are, a year later, and I still can't put into words what his presence means in our lives.
I planned on writing his birth story, (because I'm always a sucker for a good birth story) but alas, no words.

(Maybe, anxiousexhaustingextremelyhardbutohmylantasoworthit?)

Where did this precious, sweet, chunk of love come from?
Red hair?
Blue eyes?

Swooning. Always swooning.

The three of us have been obsessed from day one.

His shy, crooked, toothy grin...
We can each get a smile and maybe even a laugh every now and then, but the genuine, full, hearty, belly laughs are reserved for Sister.
It is my very favorite thing on the face of this earth to see their relationship grow.

His sweet, sensitive, heart...
He loves to play independently, but always, always crawls back to Mama and Dada for a quick snuggle every 5 minutes.
Can we please keep that forever?

His droopy cheeks touching his chest.
His 4 gappy-toothed grin.
His sausage fingers and the way they grab everything.
His chunky thighs and waist that make buttoning pants impossible.
His puffy, bread loaf feet and the way they slap the hardwood.

All of it.
All of it and more.
I never want to forget.

We love you so, so much Hutch Steven.
Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy.

{Click to watch Hutch's video.}