Healthier me starts....

...right after I finish this bag of chips.

As I mentioned here, I am unsatisfied with the way I have let myself go since being married.
I lost almost 20 pounds before the wedding.
I gained it all back,
and then some.

No, I'm not pregnant. 
No, I'm not sick.
It's totally my fault.

Not exercising.
Not eating healthy.
Sodas. Sodas. Sodas.

People of the blogging world, I need you
I need help.
I need advice.
I need ideas.
I need motivation.
I need encouragement.
I need recipes.
I need money
(I kid, I kid.)

I'm starting off by cutting down my soda consumption.
Last time, I quit cold turkey.
Hello, 5 day migraine.
This time, I'll start by one a day.
Then maybe every other day.
Then once a week.
Then never!

Also, I'm getting back into a routine with my personal trainer.
aka XBox Kinect "Your Shape Fitness."
She's hardcore and I always feel the burn.

Cut down sodas.
An hour a day with my trainer.
And you.

I need you.


Joy Filled Friday

1 Temple Run. One night, I said goodnight to Husband and went to bed while he finished a movie. Well, a few hours later, Husband came into the bedroom and found me under the covers playing Temple Run. I'm addicted. 2 Going through high school graduation cards and finding a Target gift card. 5 years later. Thank you for my new shirt and wallet. 3 Finding the perfect shirt, using said gift card. It looks like a men's dress shirt, but it's flowy and fits just right. And it's plaid. I have to fight myself every morning to not wear it every. single. day. 4 Not having to take finals. Sorry, I'm not sorry. 5 Having the night all to myself. I see many musicals, dancing crazy-like, and working out with my Kinect trainer in store for tonight. 6 In-loves visiting (next weekend!)  7 Parents visiting (3 weeks!) 8 Following celebrities on Instagram and Twitter. It totally makes me feel like I know them personally. 9 Blue Raspberry Air Heads. I had no idea Raspberry had a "p" in it until I spelled out Rasberry and my computer underlined it in red. What?! Did anyone else know this? 10 Embracing my lack of spelling skills.

Hope you guys have fun weekends planned!


Singin' in the Rain

I love classical movies.
Black and whites.

I love them so much, 
it was a "requirement" for Brandon to watch at least one musical a month 
with me if he wanted to date me.

Of all the musicals I've made him sit down and watch, 
this is his favorite
Which is perfect for me, 
seeing how it's one of my favorites.

All you really need to know is this movies stars the one and only, 
Oh, man.

Plus, it's sweet, funny, romantic, and filled to the brim with fantastic singing and dancing 
(in the rain, of course.)

I could give you the whole commentary, 
with behind the scene info for every scene, 
but I suggest you watch it yourself. 
I don't want to be "that girl."

These video's alone should be enough to make you rent this movie asap.

This first one is a side by side shot of Gene Kelly (on the left) in the "Singin' in the Rain" scene from the movie, and Usher (on the right) reenacting the entire scene. The voice you hear is Gene Kelly's. I love love love it. It's nice to see present day "popular" artists give respect to the originals.

(Ooookay, maybe I will be "that girl." But just this once.) During this entire scene, Gene Kelly had a fever of about 101. I think they did 2 entire takes of this song. He went through before hand and had them create puddles in places he knew he would be splashing and dancing in. And (last one) the "rain" is actually a mixture of milk and water so it could be seen easier.

If you want to hear Usher's cover, here is the video of just him.

Can you marry a musical? I think it'd be a good addition to the family. Husband?


Mini Messages

Dear Charlotte Russe, Regions Bank, and BCF,
I could really use some (full-time) employment. Help a sista out?

Dear GameStop,
You and I need to talk. Who said you could make Husband work a midnight release, causing him to have to spend the night away from me?

Dear Brother,
Please come spend the night so bad guys won't get me.

Dear Olive,
You're so pitiful with your hurt leg. Oh, it breaks my heart.

Dear Money,
Where'd you go?

Dear Husband,
Thanks for always letting me take up 75% of the bed and 85% of the comforter.


Where you'll find me on December 2, 2012...

Oh, man.
Ever since this post from my friend
I was hooked.

After talking about the possibilities with Husband,
he was sold.

When I saw it comes to Orlando...
that was it for me.

My mind is made.

Color Run 2012.
I am so there.

I mean, seriously, who wouldn't want to join in on this?! 
I can't wait. 
Plus, I'll get to cross something off of my 24before24! 
And it'll be Christmas time. 

Find out more: click here




side-note before the randoming begins-
Life lately has been pretty...interesting.
A whole lot of learning to leap into the unknown.
A whole lot of trusting God is in control.
A whole whole lot of crying.
Not cute crying, though.
Nope, nasty, snot-filled, whale talking, crying.

But, as my post yesterday stated,
"I will walk through the valley, if You want me to."

There's a reason God has my husband and I going through this junk.
He is always in control and things will not always be this hard!


Now, I ramble.

These are the things on my mind.
I spend 87% of my time thinking about such topics.
The other % (I've never been good at math) just pop into my head and flee before I can really think on them.

First and foremost, I must say that I miss Michael Scott. I have been an avid "Office" watcher, and I feel incomplete without him. I truly wish I had a real-life Michael Scott friend. How stinkin' amazing would that be?! Oh man, the things we could get away with. P.S. I still watch and still laugh. It's just not the same.

Shaving- I hate it. It takes so much time and so much remembering. Like, I don't remember that I haven't shaved in 2 weeks until I put on a dress 5 minutes before leaving. Ugh. Plus, I really only grow hairs below my knee, at least that's the darker, more noticable hairs. So annoying. Sorry Husband.

I really, really want to be able to rock a middle part. I don't know if it's my side-swept bangs, or the shape of my head, but it doesn NOT look cute. I'm slowy parting my side part towards the center of my head. Maybe I can trick myself.

I can't get enough of flowy clothes. Boho-style all the way. So much so, I get uncomfortable if my clothes cling even the smallest amount to my body. Which could also be due to the fact that I'm unhappy with my weight and flowy shirts/dresses camoflouge that for me.Yeah...

Speaking of bodies. I hate mine. There, I said it. First part is admitting, right? Well, I have gained 20plus pounds since being married. There, I said that too. It's mortifying really. Husband is super sweet and claims it's unnoticiable, but I know he's totally lying. Have I done much to change? Truthfully, no. Which, I also hate. But finding a workout routine that fits in my random schedule is near impossible. The school I work at has a gym. But do I know what the heck I'm doing in there?! Yeah, right. Don't even get me started on food. It seems impossible to purchase healthy food we can afford. Cheap food=fat food. But, when that's all you can afford... I hate this cycle. Which is why posting it on this blog should (let's pray) motivate me to keep on riding bikes and try to eat healthier!

I don't want permanent makeup, unless it's permanent mascara. Is that even possible? I am a full fledged mascaraholic. I spent 25% of my getting ready routine on my eyelashes.

Trying to stick to my 24 before 24, I have been keeping my nails looking decent and polished. This week, I asked Husband to pick out a color for me. He chose neon orange. I feel like I have traffic cones on my fingers. Yes, I bought this color...but that was years ago. I'm glad it's chipping. Time for a less Lisa Frank color.

Sad, sad, sad news. My mini-shnauzer, Olive, broke herself yesterday. Here's the story: We have two little ones, Bailee (a Malti-Pom) and Olive. Olive eats non-stop (if we'd let her) and she is kind of slow in the brain processing. Well, everyday we fight with her about eating Bailee's food after gulfing hers down in 2 minutes flat. Last night, Olive started to eat Bailee's and Husband popped her (P.S. Yes, we discipline and we will spank when we have children!) When Husband popped Olive, she lost balance and hit her front left paw on the door. Now, I was laying in bed in the other room when I heard her "scream." I thought nothing of it because she is a d-r-a-m-a q-u-e-e-n!!! She wails before you even touch her! But, last night she kept screaming and when Husband was saying "Olive, it's okay. You're okay. Shhhh, babygirl." I knew something was wrong. I flew out of bed, into the room, and immediately tears came to my eyes. Babygirl had her paw as close to her body as she could hold it, just whimpering! We felt around the leg, compared it to the other one, and came to the conclusion that she was okay, just scared. She is still silly, happy, Olive and "runs" as much as she can. We think it's sprained because she still favors it and won't put all her pressure on it. We wrapped it to keep it straight, and man does it break this mama's heart! I get sick just re-thinking about it and seeing her hobble. I don't know what's gonna happen when we have for real children and they get hurt! Oh, man.

How in the world can you eat a Snickers without chocolate flakes and caramel getting everywhere?

I wish I had 10 striped shirts and cardigans. All colors. All combos.

New favorite go-to hairstyle: Braid hair and flat iron over the braids. Let cool. Spray a little hairspray. Undo. Awesome-ness. I have super-duper-notevencool thick hair, so I have to do 2 braids. Also, the tighter the braid, the kinkier the "wave." I do loose braids and I love the messy beach hair look it makes.

Husband and I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary this June and I've had fun planning "dream" vacays. I say dream, because in all honesty, we can't afford a super big trip. BUT, I would love *hinthintHusband* a few days at Disney World *hinthintfriendsthatcangetusinforfree*. And, I keep saying  Honeymoon instead of anniversary, which I'm okay with. I like having Honeymoons once a year.

Ladies and (maybe) Gentlemen,
I need a job. Desperately. I work at the college I graduated from as the Staff Writer, but it is NOT, I repeat, NOT making ends meet. Plus, as of May 10, I'm off for summer. I have applied for close to, if not over 50-75 places. With no sucess. Not very promising.

I like this song. I love this version. I actually like any version but the original. Whoops.



If You want me to...

"The pathway is broken, and the signs are unclear, and I don't know the reason why You brought me here. But just because You love me the way that You do, I'm gonna walk through the valley if You want me to. I'm not who I was when I took my first step and I'm clinging to the promise You're not through with me yet. So if all of these trials bring me closer to You, then I will walk through the fire if You want me to. It may not be the way I would have chosen, when You lead me through a world that's not my home. But You never said it would be easy. You only said I'll never go alone. So when the whole world turns against me, and I'm all by myself, and I can't hear You answer my cries for help, I'll remember the suffering Your love put You through and I will walk through the darkness if You want me to.

'Cause when I cross over Jordan, I'm gonna sing, gonna shout. Gonna look into Your eyes and see You never let me down. So take me on the pathway that leads me home to You and I will walk through the valley if You want me to."

Pardon the interruption...(a giveaway!)

One of my favortie blogger/photographer is giving away an Instax Mini with film! As much as I want to be selfish and keep this little secret to myself, I thought I'd be nice and give you guys a chance to enter as well!!

Find out more by clicking here!


Joy Filled Friday and a Recipe!

1 writing to release emotions 2 reading to escape 3 music that makes you want to dance 4 Friday nights with Husband 5 instagram for android 6 my nook 7 God's promises 8 peace in chaos 
9 planning "dream" vacations 10 puppies that make me giggle

Well, today is a new day! I woke up giggling to the sound of my malti-pom howling, snuggled with Husband, and enjoyed pizza for breakfast. I'd say that's a great start. Despite the struggles this week brought, I can smile because it's the weekend, I'm alive, and God is in control. Amen to that!

This weekend I will:
-organize the "box room" (that dreaded room in the house, full of unpacked boxes that need to be thrown out, given away, or placed elsewhere) That's been on the to-do list for....ever.
-watch some more of my classic movies collection
-paint my nails
-clean, clean, clean!

Here's to hoping I get at least one of those things done!

Now, as promised, my Oreo Cupcake Recipe!
(I cannot take all credit for this, it's part Pinterest pictures, part back of cake mix box, and part imagination!)

Cake mix (and all ingredients it calls for: eggs, butter, oil, etc. They all differ!)
Pack of Oreo's
Cupcake Sleeves
Cupcake Pan(s)

Prep the pan.

I had two pans, totaling in 20 cupcakes. One pan (12 cupcakes) had Oreos on the bottom. The other (8 cupcakes) had an Oreo on top. 

Chop up an entire row of Oreos. I chopped each Oreo into 8 pieces, then chopped randomly through the pile. 

Make the cake mix. I used Butter Yellow Cake mix. If you have an electric mixer, you are so lucky. If not, like me, you get to work out for a bit!

Once the mix is the right consistency, add the chopped Oreos.

This is the fun part! I used a spoon to fill each paper cup. The 12 on top have Oreos on the bottom. I filled each cup a little over half way because they will rise. Pop them in the oven! The back of all cake mixes should have the temp and time for cupcakes.

While the cupcakes were in the oven, I got my frosting ready. I used a freezer bag, filled it with chocolate frosting, and cut a small tip out of the bottom.

I was so glad to see they didn't rise up and spill over the sides. I had never made cupcakes before and I kept thinking of how horrible they could turn out!

I frosted the ones with Oreo's on the bottom and chopped up the remaining Oreo's to sprinkle on top. Lesson learned: wait until the cupcakes cool before trying to frost! Otherwise, frosting melts and everything gets messy! For the Oreo on top ones, I left them alone. Husband like them the best, tasted like a chocolate chip muffin to him.

There you go! I have never done a recipe blog before. Mainly because I never really cook and because I don't think anyone would care! 
Funny thing, I didn't eat a single cupcake. I don't usually like sweets, so I judged them by all the guys at the house...it was a success! 

Have a wonderful weekend!!


oh, man.

this week...

has been a week.

i can't even capitalize.

i need prayers.
lots of them.

and hugs.

lots of those, too.


Mini Messages

(Oreo cupcakes! Recipe coming this week!)

Dear 2 random black hairs that grow on my arm,
I'm sorry my Husband can't accept us and pulls you out every time you grow back. Hang in there, guys.

Dear Summer,
I am a-ok with your arrival, BUT I need a few things first. A pool, new bathing suit, new bathing suit body, and a source of income. Kthanks.

Dear Summer source of income,
Please show yourself. I need you. Like, really really need you. Especially if I'm going to get any of the above needed things for Summer.

Dear Jared's Jewelers,
Please make things easy for us. Yes, I lost a diamond, but let's not dwell on that and let's be quick on fixing it! (P.S. we found the little booger, but it will still take 2-3 months for fixing. Lame.)

Dear creepy guys,
Just because I can't wear my wedding rings (see above message) doesn't mean you can or should look at me like you anywhere near my type of guy. Unless you're 6"2', freckled, black hair and beard, and go by the name of Brandon Kyle Crews, you are not my type. Sorry, not sorry.


oh hey!

I admit I have been MIA recently and I so miss you all!
My mind has been stuck in spring break mode.
There are about a gagillion pictures I'd like to share.
But don't worry, I won't make you sit down and go through all of them.
At least not all at once.

But for now I have supercool news!

This little blog has been given not one, but TWO awards!

Way cool.

The first award was given to me, oh about a million years ago, from my good blog friend over at Scribbles n' Things (click the name to check out her awesome blog!)

Honestly, I have no clue what Liebster means. But, I'll still take the award!
(I'll do the rest of the "rules of the awards" all at once.)

The second award was given to me this week (which reminded me of the first one and how I never did anything with it...oops.) I was given this award from one of my newest "followers" and the newest blog I currently stalk, as luck would have it (click the name to check her out!)

Woo Hoo!

I'm going to be a rebel and make things up as I go.

Here are 15 random facts about myself: (that should cover the needed amount from both awards)

1. I trace stars on my thumbs when I get nervous/anxious.
2. I was a character at Disney World. Chipmunks, King Louie, Jessie, etc. Also, a parade dancer and I was in training to be Belle for the (then) MGM Studios production of Beauty and the Beast. (We moved before I could continue...sad day indeed.)
3. I have forever wanted a tattoo on my foot, but will probably never get one.
4. I long to eat healthy, but have zero willpower.
5. I clap when I laugh.
6. My dream job is to own my own bookstore/dance studio/wedding planner. All in one place.
7. I want twins. Or any multiples.
8. Any miniature version of a normal sized object/animal is automatically cute. Example: McDonald's Chicken McBites, little Coke cans, puppies, etc.
9. I'm an avid doodle-er.
10. I knew all the words to Phantom of the Opera by the time I was 10. (Way before the movie came out!)
11. I don't drink the last 10% of any drink.
12. I once kept a piece of broccoli in my mouth for over an hour when I was 2. I refused to swallow. I still hate it to this day.
13. It was 6 months before I realized Brandon was interested in me...whoops.
14. I am referred to as "Grandma" more than once a day.
15. I am a lover of all Sims-type games. It's the control freak in me. 
Now is when I "tag" 10 blogs (probably supposed to be more, but I like the number 10) I don't want you to feel obligated to play along if you have been tagged, but I do want you to know how much I love your blog!
(I'm giving you all the "Versatile Award" because I don't know what Liebster means!!!)

Kessler from It's a New Day
Kelsey from Kelsey and Covey
Brittany from Life of Charmings
Jes from Two Smuppies
Bethany from L&B
Denise from That Girl Denise
Krista from Saturated Canary
BonBon from The Whim Wham Life
Kelsey from Kelsey Inspired
Congrats, ladies! You all make my blogging experience brighter and I thank you for that!
Like I said, you do not have to write the 15 random facts and tag 10 people, unless you want to!!
Now, I give you all permission to stalk their blogs like I do.


Mini Messages

(Oh, two of my loves. Fur and dimples.)

Dear Spring Break,
Why were you only a week long? That's not very nice.

Dear Sunshine,
I love you. Some. But, could you tone it down a little?! I mean, it's not even summer and I sweat within 2 seconds of being outside.

Dear bills, work, and other things that come with reality,
Go away.

Dear BLT flavored chips,
Thank you for being in existence. Best chips ever.

Dear Hunger Games Books,
Ohmygoodness. I realize I'm late to jump on the wagon, but can we just talk about how awesome you are?! Ohmylanta, you did not let me down!

Dear Husband, 
Has it almost been a year already?! Can't wait to see what you've got planned for our anniversary! Hint. Hint.