side-note before the randoming begins-
Life lately has been pretty...interesting.
A whole lot of learning to leap into the unknown.
A whole lot of trusting God is in control.
A whole whole lot of crying.
Not cute crying, though.
Nope, nasty, snot-filled, whale talking, crying.

But, as my post yesterday stated,
"I will walk through the valley, if You want me to."

There's a reason God has my husband and I going through this junk.
He is always in control and things will not always be this hard!


Now, I ramble.

These are the things on my mind.
I spend 87% of my time thinking about such topics.
The other % (I've never been good at math) just pop into my head and flee before I can really think on them.

First and foremost, I must say that I miss Michael Scott. I have been an avid "Office" watcher, and I feel incomplete without him. I truly wish I had a real-life Michael Scott friend. How stinkin' amazing would that be?! Oh man, the things we could get away with. P.S. I still watch and still laugh. It's just not the same.

Shaving- I hate it. It takes so much time and so much remembering. Like, I don't remember that I haven't shaved in 2 weeks until I put on a dress 5 minutes before leaving. Ugh. Plus, I really only grow hairs below my knee, at least that's the darker, more noticable hairs. So annoying. Sorry Husband.

I really, really want to be able to rock a middle part. I don't know if it's my side-swept bangs, or the shape of my head, but it doesn NOT look cute. I'm slowy parting my side part towards the center of my head. Maybe I can trick myself.

I can't get enough of flowy clothes. Boho-style all the way. So much so, I get uncomfortable if my clothes cling even the smallest amount to my body. Which could also be due to the fact that I'm unhappy with my weight and flowy shirts/dresses camoflouge that for me.Yeah...

Speaking of bodies. I hate mine. There, I said it. First part is admitting, right? Well, I have gained 20plus pounds since being married. There, I said that too. It's mortifying really. Husband is super sweet and claims it's unnoticiable, but I know he's totally lying. Have I done much to change? Truthfully, no. Which, I also hate. But finding a workout routine that fits in my random schedule is near impossible. The school I work at has a gym. But do I know what the heck I'm doing in there?! Yeah, right. Don't even get me started on food. It seems impossible to purchase healthy food we can afford. Cheap food=fat food. But, when that's all you can afford... I hate this cycle. Which is why posting it on this blog should (let's pray) motivate me to keep on riding bikes and try to eat healthier!

I don't want permanent makeup, unless it's permanent mascara. Is that even possible? I am a full fledged mascaraholic. I spent 25% of my getting ready routine on my eyelashes.

Trying to stick to my 24 before 24, I have been keeping my nails looking decent and polished. This week, I asked Husband to pick out a color for me. He chose neon orange. I feel like I have traffic cones on my fingers. Yes, I bought this color...but that was years ago. I'm glad it's chipping. Time for a less Lisa Frank color.

Sad, sad, sad news. My mini-shnauzer, Olive, broke herself yesterday. Here's the story: We have two little ones, Bailee (a Malti-Pom) and Olive. Olive eats non-stop (if we'd let her) and she is kind of slow in the brain processing. Well, everyday we fight with her about eating Bailee's food after gulfing hers down in 2 minutes flat. Last night, Olive started to eat Bailee's and Husband popped her (P.S. Yes, we discipline and we will spank when we have children!) When Husband popped Olive, she lost balance and hit her front left paw on the door. Now, I was laying in bed in the other room when I heard her "scream." I thought nothing of it because she is a d-r-a-m-a q-u-e-e-n!!! She wails before you even touch her! But, last night she kept screaming and when Husband was saying "Olive, it's okay. You're okay. Shhhh, babygirl." I knew something was wrong. I flew out of bed, into the room, and immediately tears came to my eyes. Babygirl had her paw as close to her body as she could hold it, just whimpering! We felt around the leg, compared it to the other one, and came to the conclusion that she was okay, just scared. She is still silly, happy, Olive and "runs" as much as she can. We think it's sprained because she still favors it and won't put all her pressure on it. We wrapped it to keep it straight, and man does it break this mama's heart! I get sick just re-thinking about it and seeing her hobble. I don't know what's gonna happen when we have for real children and they get hurt! Oh, man.

How in the world can you eat a Snickers without chocolate flakes and caramel getting everywhere?

I wish I had 10 striped shirts and cardigans. All colors. All combos.

New favorite go-to hairstyle: Braid hair and flat iron over the braids. Let cool. Spray a little hairspray. Undo. Awesome-ness. I have super-duper-notevencool thick hair, so I have to do 2 braids. Also, the tighter the braid, the kinkier the "wave." I do loose braids and I love the messy beach hair look it makes.

Husband and I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary this June and I've had fun planning "dream" vacays. I say dream, because in all honesty, we can't afford a super big trip. BUT, I would love *hinthintHusband* a few days at Disney World *hinthintfriendsthatcangetusinforfree*. And, I keep saying  Honeymoon instead of anniversary, which I'm okay with. I like having Honeymoons once a year.

Ladies and (maybe) Gentlemen,
I need a job. Desperately. I work at the college I graduated from as the Staff Writer, but it is NOT, I repeat, NOT making ends meet. Plus, as of May 10, I'm off for summer. I have applied for close to, if not over 50-75 places. With no sucess. Not very promising.

I like this song. I love this version. I actually like any version but the original. Whoops.



  1. Hahaha! I laughed through this whole post! And I read your comment about disciplining and spanking your children out loud to Josh! We love it. :)

    Also thanks for the little tidbit about the braid, flat-iron, hairstyle trick. I am going to have to try that for sure! Love you friend!

  2. Definitely will be praying for the job for you Lauren! I know the stress of finding a job with little to no success. Hope something turns up for you here very soon!

  3. Bahahaha! I loved this post! It sounded like all the random conversations i've had with friends before! :) I too appreciate the braid/flat iron tip! :) You could try applying at Eagle Eye for the summer! They always take on some extra help!