Joy Filled Friday

1 Temple Run. One night, I said goodnight to Husband and went to bed while he finished a movie. Well, a few hours later, Husband came into the bedroom and found me under the covers playing Temple Run. I'm addicted. 2 Going through high school graduation cards and finding a Target gift card. 5 years later. Thank you for my new shirt and wallet. 3 Finding the perfect shirt, using said gift card. It looks like a men's dress shirt, but it's flowy and fits just right. And it's plaid. I have to fight myself every morning to not wear it every. single. day. 4 Not having to take finals. Sorry, I'm not sorry. 5 Having the night all to myself. I see many musicals, dancing crazy-like, and working out with my Kinect trainer in store for tonight. 6 In-loves visiting (next weekend!)  7 Parents visiting (3 weeks!) 8 Following celebrities on Instagram and Twitter. It totally makes me feel like I know them personally. 9 Blue Raspberry Air Heads. I had no idea Raspberry had a "p" in it until I spelled out Rasberry and my computer underlined it in red. What?! Did anyone else know this? 10 Embracing my lack of spelling skills.

Hope you guys have fun weekends planned!

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