oh hey!

I admit I have been MIA recently and I so miss you all!
My mind has been stuck in spring break mode.
There are about a gagillion pictures I'd like to share.
But don't worry, I won't make you sit down and go through all of them.
At least not all at once.

But for now I have supercool news!

This little blog has been given not one, but TWO awards!

Way cool.

The first award was given to me, oh about a million years ago, from my good blog friend over at Scribbles n' Things (click the name to check out her awesome blog!)

Honestly, I have no clue what Liebster means. But, I'll still take the award!
(I'll do the rest of the "rules of the awards" all at once.)

The second award was given to me this week (which reminded me of the first one and how I never did anything with it...oops.) I was given this award from one of my newest "followers" and the newest blog I currently stalk, as luck would have it (click the name to check her out!)

Woo Hoo!

I'm going to be a rebel and make things up as I go.

Here are 15 random facts about myself: (that should cover the needed amount from both awards)

1. I trace stars on my thumbs when I get nervous/anxious.
2. I was a character at Disney World. Chipmunks, King Louie, Jessie, etc. Also, a parade dancer and I was in training to be Belle for the (then) MGM Studios production of Beauty and the Beast. (We moved before I could continue...sad day indeed.)
3. I have forever wanted a tattoo on my foot, but will probably never get one.
4. I long to eat healthy, but have zero willpower.
5. I clap when I laugh.
6. My dream job is to own my own bookstore/dance studio/wedding planner. All in one place.
7. I want twins. Or any multiples.
8. Any miniature version of a normal sized object/animal is automatically cute. Example: McDonald's Chicken McBites, little Coke cans, puppies, etc.
9. I'm an avid doodle-er.
10. I knew all the words to Phantom of the Opera by the time I was 10. (Way before the movie came out!)
11. I don't drink the last 10% of any drink.
12. I once kept a piece of broccoli in my mouth for over an hour when I was 2. I refused to swallow. I still hate it to this day.
13. It was 6 months before I realized Brandon was interested in me...whoops.
14. I am referred to as "Grandma" more than once a day.
15. I am a lover of all Sims-type games. It's the control freak in me. 
Now is when I "tag" 10 blogs (probably supposed to be more, but I like the number 10) I don't want you to feel obligated to play along if you have been tagged, but I do want you to know how much I love your blog!
(I'm giving you all the "Versatile Award" because I don't know what Liebster means!!!)

Kessler from It's a New Day
Kelsey from Kelsey and Covey
Brittany from Life of Charmings
Jes from Two Smuppies
Bethany from L&B
Denise from That Girl Denise
Krista from Saturated Canary
BonBon from The Whim Wham Life
Kelsey from Kelsey Inspired
Congrats, ladies! You all make my blogging experience brighter and I thank you for that!
Like I said, you do not have to write the 15 random facts and tag 10 people, unless you want to!!
Now, I give you all permission to stalk their blogs like I do.


  1. you are too cute:)!!...I love the little cokes, too!:). It was fun getting to know some randoms about cha!!:)...Thanks for the sweet award! I've always wondered what that word meant, to! So funny:).

    Hope you had a great weekend....a great Easter! Thanks again, friend<3


  2. Aw thank you so much! I love mini sized things too!

  3. thank you, girly, you are sweet to think of me!! i'm honored, of course!

  4. thanks pretty lady! this makes my day a little brighter:-) I accept and will place this award high upon my mantle! xoxo