Healthier me starts....

...right after I finish this bag of chips.

As I mentioned here, I am unsatisfied with the way I have let myself go since being married.
I lost almost 20 pounds before the wedding.
I gained it all back,
and then some.

No, I'm not pregnant. 
No, I'm not sick.
It's totally my fault.

Not exercising.
Not eating healthy.
Sodas. Sodas. Sodas.

People of the blogging world, I need you
I need help.
I need advice.
I need ideas.
I need motivation.
I need encouragement.
I need recipes.
I need money
(I kid, I kid.)

I'm starting off by cutting down my soda consumption.
Last time, I quit cold turkey.
Hello, 5 day migraine.
This time, I'll start by one a day.
Then maybe every other day.
Then once a week.
Then never!

Also, I'm getting back into a routine with my personal trainer.
aka XBox Kinect "Your Shape Fitness."
She's hardcore and I always feel the burn.

Cut down sodas.
An hour a day with my trainer.
And you.

I need you.


  1. I have full confidence you can do it girl! Cutting back on soda is a good place to start for sure =)

  2. Cutting back soda definitely will be a huge help!! If you're looking to start slowly, so as to actually make a life change rather than a quick diet that is hard to keep, also start by adding lots of veggies into your diet. And my advice would be to drink a glass of water a little while before each meal, eat your veggies FIRST (and slowly) - this way you will begin to feel full more quickly, and you're eating more of the healthy stuff, because by the time you get to the not-as-healthy stuff, you will be (hopefully) too full to finish that portion of the meal. :) ALSO: A great tip I have picked up is to stay OFF the scale! It can be very discuraging!! Just base your progress off of how your clothes are fitting, and how your feeling! :)

  3. What really helped me lose weight last summer was joining LoseIt.com. It helps you keep track of everything you eat and counts your calories. It also keeps track of your exercise. They let you know how you're doing and when you should reach your goal weight. Oh, and they give you badges for your achievements, which are fun!