While drinking water is super healthy for you, no one tells you about the bajillion bathroom trips you have to make. Seriously, one bottle of water=6 bathroom visits. That makes life so difficult.

I've been growing my hair out for almost 2 years. I want loooong hair. I have never been so excited for my hair to get caught in my arm pit, or slammed in the car door, or pulled whenever I get hugged. Why? Because that means my hair has finally decided to grow.

I am way to excited about my Hulu routine. If you don't know of Hulu, I need to pray for you. Hulu is magical. You can watch (almost) any t.v. show online the day after it airs. Every Monday I watch Sunday's episode of "Once Upon a Time" (he's Pinocchio!) Every Wednesday I watch "snippets" of Tuesday's episodes "Glee" and "New Girl." I say snippets because there tends to be too much raunchiness/moral issues in some episodes. So I edit them myself. Then, Friday's I watch Thursday's episode of "The Office." If you can't tell, we don't have cable. People keep telling me more shows to check out, but clearly my schedule is packed.

Speaking of Glee, is it weird that I like Glee-versions of songs 99% more than the originals? I'm okay with it.

This week I started my cut-down-on-soda-and-drink-more-water-then-workout-an-hour-a-day routine. I'm so fat and out of shape that my soreness isn't even funny. I can't move my legs. At all. Which stinks because I have to get up every 20 minutes to use the bathroom. Who's idea was this again?

For about 3 days I thought I wanted to be a cosmetologist. I went to Aveda online and asked them to mail me some more information. I received a call about an hour later. I talked to a sweet girl from Aveda named Katie for a few minutes. She asked how long I've known that I wanted to be in cosmetology. I said, 3 days. For the next week and a half Katie from Aveda called me every day, 2 times a day. I stopped answering. I don't think I'm going to get anything in the mail.

On the topic of what I want to be when I grow up, I had a wonderful interview yesterday followed by an observation scheduled for tomorrow. I'm going back to where it all started, Pre-School. A teaching position opened up recently and so far things are lining up perfectly! Hello full-time, year-round teaching! It's been a while!

I'm hoping this summer brings: long(er) hair, Disney World, weight-loss, that one ring I'm in love with from c28.com (ehem...Husband), bigger paychecks, family road trips, pizza, steaks, tan lines, a hedgehog, pigs in a blanket, weddings, internet at the house, and many more happies.

Last time, I left you with my favorite version of Goyte's "Somebody That I Used to Know." I think I lied, because this is totally my favorite version. P.S. I met Kevin, the "percussionist!" Sweetest guy!


  1. 1. Yeah, I hate drinking lots of water for that reason. Boo.

    2. I really think we need to switch from Netflicks to Hulu. We're watching more shows lately anyway.

    3. I hope that job works out!!!

    4. Wow. That video!!! Dang, they can sing! Whoa.

  2. Yea! I hope the job works out for you dear =)

  3. I love love love guzzling water, but you're right. I make one million bathroom trips per day.
    And I laughed out loud about getting excited for your hair to get caught under your arm...I've had long hair for forever, but I always think it's funny when it gets shut in a door or zipped up in my jacket.