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Oh, the joy that fills my heart when I think about the wonderful things coming soon. Christmas has always always been my favorite. There are Christmas lights. There's something so magical seeing them on houses, on tree's, even people! You can't forget the Christmas Music to bring in the holiday season. My holiday season is more like a holiday year! No such things as "too early!" Then there's the Christmas decorations; the tree, wreath, presents, etc. One thing I miss is snow. Florida is dumb and doesn't provide it for me. Good thing I KNOW I'll end back up in NC one day! (Right, God?) :) Last, but not certainly not least...cold weather. I love to bundle up in all my sweaters, jackets, hats, leggings, boots, etc. Despite Florida's stubbornness towards cold, I wear my winter clothes proudly.

This year I have been especially looking forward to Christmas. I don't know exactly why it is. It could be because I'll be 22 this year. 21 was a "momentous occasion" because I was "officially" an adult. But 22, just seems to be a more mature and adult age. I love my birthdays regardless. My heightened excitement could be because I've been working on my school's Christmas Program since August when I was told that I would be the one in charge. I've been going through music, trying to find the exact version of song to use. Being the organized freak I am, I have many many lists to help aid in my thought process and try to make sense of the mush in my brain! I've decided on this:
The name of the program is : The True Meaning of Christmas
My middle school students will be the "main" part of the show. The plot is my students (time-travelers) will go from decade to decade to find the true meaning of Christmas. They start in the 30s, where the Pre-K students will be on the stage. then they go from the 30s to 40s and so on. Each decade is a different class singing a different song and representing that decade. The decades will each have their own meaning of Christmas: bells, trees, parties, gifts, etc. The time-travelers realize there still has to be more and decide to travel alllll the way back to Bible times. There, a shepherd explains why everyone was coming to see the baby. The program ends with all (pre-k to 8) students coming and bowing around the manger. Some will be dressed like sheep, donkeys, etc. Other students will be shepherds.

My 7th and 8th graders are helping me write the script and it has been coming along. For those of you near enough, come and see it! December 16, 2010. Yikes, 2 months.

Well, I hope my premature excitement for Christmas has taken your mind off the craziness of midterms, school, work, or life in general. The number one reason I can celebrate Christmas with such passion is because I know that  baby was born to die for me. That's something to remember everyday.

Merry Christmas!

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