Mini Messages

Dear rentable house, 
Please come out from hiding. Husband and I are looking hard for you.

Dear stuff, 
Pack yourself.

Dear last name, 
I love you. But, I've got to change you now. Please make the process easy.

Dear beginnings of a cold, 
You are NOT welcome here. Leave, please.

Dear job, 
Isn't 5 interviews enough? I'd like to hear from you.

Dear rain,
I love you. You can stay.



  1. Your blog makes me smile, Lauren. :) It definitely reflects you. I'm glad you are enjoying being married! ;)

  2. Thanks, Bobbi-sue! I am absolutely enjoying it! I can't wait for your little one to make her way into the world! So exciting!

  3. Dear Lauren, thank you for blogging and keeping me entertained. Have a great week. =)

  4. Thanks for sharing my broccoli pain! :) your blog is adorable! congrats on the wedding!! we're coming up on our 2 yr anniversary & I cannot believe it!

  5. ChinkGirlMel: You are so welcome! I'm re-doing a lot of my blog, so check back! I also love yours. Have a great summer!

    Kelsey: Thank you! Congrats on the anniversary! I loveloveLOVE married life!