If I were a time traveler...

... I would fast forward to December 7, 2012.

To the average outsider, that is just a random date.

But to me, oh man...

To me, it is the beginning of a pretty great adventure.

You see, my handsome husband, Brandon, is finally graduating. It will be a shining moment for all of us. I start beaming for him just thinking about it! He has worked so hard (and long) for this day and it is almost here.

That's just the tip of the iceberg.

You see, Husband is a youth pastor. We served together at a church for almost 3 years before God moved us back for him to finish school. Now, we are serving as interim youth pastor for a church until a new full time guy is found. But, come December 7, 2012, we will (hopefully) have a church position already in line for us.


I love it.

You see, I grew up a PK. Unless you were a PK, you probably don't know that PK means "pastor's kid." (I try to think that my brother and I were the normal kind...not the awkwardly social or rebellious kind.) Being a PK means you move. Quite frequently. Like, basically a different school each year or so. Multiple states. Growing up, I loved to hate it. Looking back, I cherish the friends and memories and different cultures I grew up with. Only now, it's in my blood. After a few years in one place...time to go! I get restless and start day dreaming of house searching, job searching, church searching, etc.

There's a problem though...

You see, Husband grew up in one place. Born and raised. All his family is within shouting distance from each other. He has roots. (Not that I don't. I think mine sink into the ground and shrink back up with it's time for new soil!) Part of me is jealous of his past. He literally grew up with his friends and family. He has memories at every single place in town. Not that I was deprived of memories, I have memories, just different circumstances.

Both desires are perfect. And (this is why I love Husband so much, and God even more for knowing exactly the kind of man I needed) we have both settled on one fact...

God is in control. He knows our hearts desires (He gave them to us!) So seek Him and everything will work out.

You see, this whole future thing...it excites me.

Maybe we will end up in the mountains (yes, please!)
Maybe we will stay there until we turn gray and our children start having children.

You see, we want children. A lot of children. Like, 4 or 5. Whether or not we can have them biologically (that's for another post, another time) is totally up to God. Regardless, we want to adopt. There's total peace in that fact. I can't wait. I see young married couples with their little offspring all the time. Could you guys stop being so adorable?! Cannot wait.

and to think...

all of this starts on December 7, 2012.


  1. I can't wait for you guys to start a family (in whatever method you choose). I know you will be amazing parents! The world needs more Brandon's and Lauren's. :-)

  2. How exciting!Best of wishes!

    P.S.I'm a PK also! :)

  3. What a lovely little story, very excited for you :) xxx


  4. Just found your blog -- so cute! How long have you and your husband been married?