I'm guilty of...

...taking too many pictures of my puppies.
...keeping the entire house super neat, except for our room.
...not replacing the toilet paper roll.
...forgetting to check pockets before laundry (that explains the ink stains on all my favorite clothes.)
...running on the elliptical, only to be able to eat something super unhealthy.
...chopping my bangs off twice a year, only to have a few awkward months of a love/hate relationship.


  1. I totally have the same problem with keeping the whole house clean, except our bedroom! I fail at that all the time - in fact, I am attempting to go straighten it up right after I get off the computer! (haha)

  2. There is no such thing as too many pictures of the fur-family! Just sayin'...


  3. I totally have the same problem! I workout at the gym so I can EAT!