creating my life

It's been an embarrassing amount of time since my last post. I'm aware, that's blog world "no-no."

The truth is, I've been avoiding this blog, and probably yours too
Not for anything you've done, but I kept finding myself limiting my posts to ones that seemed worthy of the blog world.

When you're a "finally got our feet on the ground" newlywed, finding something "super romantic" to write about is hard.
When you don't have the most desirable job (or any job, in my case), writing about your day is hard.
When you don't have babies, posting pictures besides your puppies is hard.
When your closet is pretty normal, giving style tips/ fashion worthy posts are hard.

But who said I can only write about lovey-dovey, adorable, adventures?
Who said I have to have the best quality camera?
Who said I always have to write amazing, inspiring posts full of crazy, good pictures?

No one did.

I set that unrealistic bar for myself.

I feel like I've been trying to create my life.
Only writing things deemed "blogworthy."
But by only posting the highs, I've focused on the lows.

I've been avoiding this blog beacuse it's not as cute as this one. 
Or because I don't have a baby like that one
Or my clothes aren't near as perfect as this one
And my pictures are only as good as my phone can take, not high quality, blogger turned photographer like hers.

My heart doesn't praise God like it should. I get jealous. I want for those things I do not have.

This blog is for me. To capture my life, God's work in my life.
The good days and the bad.
Because my days are good
My Husband is amazing.
My friends are the best.
My puppies are cute.

Blogging shouldn't make me wish I had better, when what I already have is more than enough.
God has taken my heart and is rearranging my priorities.
My call in life is to make Him known and I allowed blogging to steer me away from that.

I'm not sure what that means in terms of this blog, but I do know that I won't allow it to control my happiness, or keep me away from seeing my blessings anymore.


  1. Caedmon's Call: "This world has nothing for me and this world has EVERYTHING. All that I could WANT and NOTHING that I NEED." (I know how you feel...we all do, at one point or another.) Check out that song and it will help. Love and hugs to you, sweet lady. :)-Rebecca

  2. Lauren, I love your blog because it's real-er than most other ones. I like reading about normal life, about little worries and frustrations, about the small things. Keep writing :)