mini messages

This picture has nothing to do with this post.
It's 2 years old, blurry, and almost the same pose as the picture to the left.
But I love it.

Dear Bailee,
Thanks for being our little guard dog. Every time you jump off the couch and stare at the ground, I know to scream for Brandon because it's always a bug. Such a life saver, you are!

Dear She & Him Holiday Station on Pandora,
Thank you for not judging me and allowing me to play your goodness all. year. long.

Dear 24 hour headache,
I said "go away", not "bring your friend, super congestion!" I'm seeing a lot of couch time and Reba re-runs in my forecast for today.

Dear Husband,
You are the best caretaker. Sundays are super busy for you, but you still left to bring me some breakfast (and then brought home lunch.) And you still snuggled with me after I was grouchy to you.

Dear Google Reader/Follower,
Rest in Peace. (Don't forget, the nifty "followers" deal is leaving soon! If you would like to continue to "follow" me, click on the Bloglovin' tab to the left!)

Happy Monday!


  1. What is it about watching Reba when we're not feeling well? haha! I do the exact same.

    1. I love it!! Something about Reba makes me laugh and her reactions to Van and Barbara Jean are classic!