mini messages

(Some pictures from our Girl's Weekend this past weekend!)

Dear Collision Student Ministry Girls (Axios),
I don't know what I've done to deserve to be a part in your life (little or big) but I'm so glad I followed my Husband (who followed God) all the way to TN to meet y'all. You've taught me so much and even though there are times we won't always see eye to eye, I love you ladies. No matter what teenage drama you drag into my life, my heart is full because of the giggles, movie nights, heart to hearts, and hope that God will use me in a small way to build you into the woman of God He created.

Dear Sound Machine,
Thanks for being invented. I'd forgotten what a peaceful night's sleep was (thanks to Husband's awesome snoring skills.)

Dear Legs,
Time to start on that winter coat! No shave October-March!
(I kid. I kid.)
Sort of.
Hey, that's what leggings are for!

Dear Leggings,
You my dears, are magicians. The way you keep my legs warm AND hide the fact that I forgot to shave...words cannot express.

Dear Anyone That's Reading,
I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I could say it's all routine and happy, but I'm afraid it's not. Prayers and happy thoughts are super appreciated. No matter what, God's in control and why would I fear in that? (Way easier said than done.)

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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