mini messages

Dear Everyone That Wants Happiness In Life, 
Get a sheepdog. I promise you, their hearts are as massive as their body. And, no shedding. Say what?! Told you. You need one. (Wait, I need one...Brandooooon?!?)

Dear Snow,
Thanks for coming last night! It was perfect, but could we get a little more? I mean, with the low of 1 today, I think I deserve it.

Dear Downton Abbey,
You're back in my life and I feel so complete again. Well, as complete as I can be without Matthew and Cybil. I'm still bitter. 

Dear Juan Pablo,
I think this'll be the best "Bachelor" ever. Thank you for learning to speak slow so we can all understand you. Me and my grandma hearing were genuinely worried about that.

Dear House,
Well, I finally de-Christmas-ed you. And although the house feels normal again, I can't help but miss the Christmas clutter. Until next year...

Happy Monday, y'all!

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