reading// the book of James. Preparing for our newest "Axios" study. Man, this book is in your face. I love it.

eating// a strict, lean meat-veggies-and fruit diet. (With a few reasonably proportioned cheat meals.)

watching// the endless DVR'd shows. New Girl, Mindy Project, Once, Giuliana and Bill, etc.

listening to// Us, Jillian Edwards, The Inlaws, Johnnyswim, and The Honey Trees.

cooking// barbecue pulled pork for a dinner party tonight (see, cheat meal.)

thinking// Husband needs to wake up so we can go ride bikes (and by bikes, I mean our tandem.)

wearing// my staple uniform of leggings, an oversized sweater and hair in a top knot.

waiting// for the next step (metaphorically speaking.)

hoping// to be back in the classroom next year.

wishing// my nose would stop. running. Also, that this itchy throat and watery eye thing is just my body playing a joke on me, because I refuse to be sick again.

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