newborn favorites

(sneak peek from our newborn session by blink photography)

I've only been a mom for a short time, but I'm already experiencing the cliche "don't blink/they grow up so fast" mom mindset.
So, being the list maker I am, I've made a list of newborn-ism I just don't want to forget.

1. They don't know what to do with their hands. Hilarious.

2. That magical moment when they can finally see past their nose. Oh, hi!

3. Hiccups and farts have never sounded so cute.

4. The fact that they're fully human, just super/mini/fun-sized.

5. So squishy.

6. Oh, the stretches! Emmerson makes the funniest stretching faces (complete with duck lips.)

7. At random times, she'll all of a sudden get startled. Arms and legs fly up and such a concerned look appears on her face. Adorable.

8. The tree frog position they sleep in, nestled on your chest.

9. Little pterodactyl noises.

10. Gummy smiles. Whether they're from gas or the heart, they melt me.

Oh, it's a bittersweet feeling.
I can't wait for the day/night routine to get established but I sure don't want to leave this newborn stage.

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