disposable camera love

I love taking pictures.
(I can hear the sarcastic "NO! Really?!" From those that know me best.)
So when I found a disposable camera last summer,
I was all about it!

I loved carrying it around in my purse
but I was bad about forgetting it was there,
so it took about 4 months to use up 30 pictures.

It was basically Christmas when I got the film back.
I had no clue what I'd find!
Unfortunately, I think the film was expired and the flash didn't work,
so not all of them came out.

But these 4 came out perfectly.
And I love them.
It may seem like random shots to the untrained eye.
But to me, it's where my story and Brandon's story finally collided.

That school?
That's where I met and (slowly) fell in love with the uber handsome, funny, cool guy.
I believe the term was "Mr. BCF."
(insert wink face, and husband rolling his eyes.)
Oh man, did I break some hearts by taking him off the market!

That old country road?
That's where Brandon took me for our first one-on-one "date."
I was terrified he was going to make me go bike riding (his favorite.)
But, he convinced me to get in the car and we spent the afternoon walking and talking.
We told our stories and I secretly fell in love.

That Mexican restaurant?
That's where we spent 80% of our time.
The food was good, the waiter's knew us by name, and it was easy on college student's wallets.
Many deep talks and happy dates happened at that table in the corner.
When Brandon was given the choice between a church in TX and a church in TN,
that's where we went to write out our pros and cons.
(Guess which one we chose?)
RIP Tampicos.
You'll be in our hearts forever.

That house?
That's where we moved for the 3rd time.
After 3 years of living in place that stripped us completely,
this was our place of refuge.
We were able to breathe and heal and start over.
It doesn't look like much,
(and the new occupants made it look worse,)
but I'll always love that magenta carpeted house.

Thanks Kodak, for letting me capture these happy places and hold on to them forever.

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