my must list (minimalism update)

The first thing anyone should do before drastically changing their lives is check their heart.
The past month or so, God has brought my anxiety to the forefront of my mind.
Little things, big things, stupid things, anxiety has always been my biggest companion.
Having Emmerson rocked my world in more than one way.
Suddenly the little things didn't matter anymore and the big things mattered even more.
I ventured into the world of minimalism because I needed to de-clutter.
Not just physically, but mentally.
I needed to let go of the expectations, the worry, the stress.
(Along with the excess clothes, furniture, and "stuff.")
So, here I am.
Starting with my "must list."

I must be healthy. Emmerson, my husband, and my future kids deserve me at my best. I must eat right, exercise, and treat this body with respect.
I must de-clutter. I don't need a closet full of clothes or 50 coffee mugs. That's just more to clean, more to wash, more that collects dust.
I must be joyful. Deliberately choose joy in all situations.
I must drink water. Because, it's water.
I must turn it off. Social media can clutter my mind with comparisons and bad news, turn it off. TV can replace good conversation with my husband and distract me from Emmerson, turn it off.
I must live in the moment. Today is the only today I get. My baby is only getting older and I don't want to miss out. I must be intentional with my life.

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