we had a bad day.

(You can SEE the bad day on my face.)

We had a bad day.
Nothing was good for Little Girl.
Wanted this, not that.
Got that, not this.
Melt downs were the music of our morning.

"Maybe you could bring lunch home?"

Daddy makes everything better, we'll eat with him.

Big mistake.
Worst mistake.

The meltdowns of all meltdowns.
The worst day of her entire life.
Kicking, screaming, throwing chips.

This isn't my child.
Who stole my child?

3 trips outside.
Mama crying in the booth.

"Can we get this to-go?"

Angry baby.
Anxious Mama.
Cool, calm, collected Daddy.

Ignore the stares.
Ignore the comments.
Get. Out. Of. There.

Pulls my hair.
Scratches my neck.
Pop that bottom.

In the car, forgot Daddy.
Mama meltdown.


We had a bad day.
We had a good nap.
We ate frosting from the can and watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. *
Definitely not Paleo.
Totally worth it.
And I believe a new tradition was born.

(*Pants optional. Blanket necessary.)

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