bunny coat

I remember seeing this coat at the store when Emmerson was barely 6 months old.
Immediately, I grabbed it.
Usually I'm not a fan of pink, but one look at those ears...
I was sold.

I guess it comes with being a Mama, but I am sentimentally attached to that thing.
It was the first thing I hung up when we made the hard move to Kentucky.
One of the few smiles while unpacking.

She wore it every single cold day that year.
And every time I flipped the hood and those ears flopped...
all the heart eyes and heart puddles.

I guess I unintentionally created a tradition.
For the first thing I unpacked a few months ago was her sweet bunny coat.
I hung it in our home (our home!) in Arkansas.

I wasn't even sure we'd get another year out of it.
But it didn't matter.
No matter what wall it hangs on.
No matter what house.
No matter if she can actually wear it or not.
Something tells me that sweet jacket will always be hanging.

That sweet bunny coat is home to me.
My baby is full-blown toddler these days.
But I grabbed this coat as she left for pre-school this morning, 
and as she bounced away, saying "buh-bye", I saw my baby once more.

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