when we came here...

{when it started...here} {when it was time for help...here}

 ...it was a breath of fresh (but, really, really hot July) air.

To be honest, just leaving Kentucky alone was enough, it didn't matter where we ended up.

But here, in Lavaca...

These people are real.

Real smiles.

Real promises.

Real friends.

I thought I'd been "cured" once we moved here.

But the depression was only deepening.

On the outside, I had it together.

New ministries.

Singing again.

Ladies nights out.

But my marriage was falling apart.

I still had all this darkness within me and I didn't know where to place it.

I loved our home.

I loved our community.

I loved our church.

So it zeroed in on my Husband.

I would say things I knew I didn't mean.

I would be angry for reasons unknown.

I honestly, truly, felt out of control of my own words, my own emotions.

Depression doesn't hold hands with logic.

Depression makes your ugly parts shine.

At church, I was flourishing.

At home, I was dying.

Thankfully, I married a strong man.

A man that will fight for us, even if it's against me.

When I gave up, he picked me up.

And then we started seeing Kerry Underwood...

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