hutch is 5!

One whole hand.
I can't believe it.

His personality is best described as...strong.
Strong feelings.
From one emotion to the next.

(The red hair attitude is NOT a myth.)

Like I've said a million times before, he's our sour patch kid.
First, he's sour.
"I'm mad at you forever. For reals."
Then, he's sweet.
"Mommy, will you marry me?"

He will do anything for a laugh.
We're in full blown booty shaking/poop jokes mode over here.
He's all boy, but still loves his mama.

I want to remember how he grabs my hand to fall asleep as we nap.
How he immediately takes his pants off when he comes home.
How he loves his sister SO much, it annoys her.
How he steals my phone and leaves hilarious selfies and videos.
How he can't help but dance when any song starts playing.
How preciously imperfect these last 5 years have been.

No more baby.
No more toddler.
He's my big kid now.

(But always my baby.)

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

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