tuesday letters


Dear Body,

I get it. I pushed you pretty hard in high school dance and now I'm paying for it...but really. Whiplash from blow drying my hair? Sprained ankle that lasts for months (and caused opposing hip problems?) I just can't with you.

Dear Arkansas,

Why do you have so many flies?

Dear Clothes,

Clean yourselves. I'm too tired. Let's all agree to be naked or only wear the same 3 outfits a week. Yeah?

Dear Curly Hair Friends,

How do you diffuse your hair (upside down/side to side for volume) without completely destroying your neck? (Air drying would take 24 hours with the amount of hair I have.)

Dear You,

All of you reading this. You probably read all my TMS updates as well. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I cannot tell you how God used your words, hugs, "likes," and "hearts." I wish I could host a party and invite everyone from all over to celebrate you. 

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