Olive Turns 1!

It's hard to believe that our babygirl is already 1 year old! I tried to remake our picture from the first day we got her, but she wasn't cooperating! Yes, that is the same dog. Grooming gone wrong. I was almost embarrassed to post those up, but it's her birthday...so what if she looks nothing like a schnauzer! 

Our Olive brings such comic relief to us. Husband uses different voices for the puppies and I'm pretty sure he has nailed Olive's "voice." It sounds like a hyper-Eeyore (oxymoron?) For a while, we questioned whether Olive had a brain inside that cute fuzzy head of hers. She is a sloooooow learner. But, we love her the same. She loves to snuggle. All times. She has the amazing ability to fall asleep anywhere, at anytime, and over anything. A mama's girl for sure! She loves to sniff, put her precious paws on your face, and is a real big talker.

We sure do love our little girl (even more when she does her business outside, doesn't scream at people in the house, and doesn't eat all of Bailee's food!) 

Happy Birthday!

She gets extra treats and cuddles today, for sure!

P.S. There has been a small break in gtkY, but I have more questions from bloggers rolling in, so watch for them on here next week!


  1. A dog wearing a hat? That just made my day. Hahaha. I wish I had a dog, just so I could dress him up. That's hilarious.

  2. aw they grow so fast, don't they! i can't believe my little foofies are already 4. where does the time go?!

  3. Chelsea: Our Olive is so good at keeping clothes on! She trusts us and lets us do whatever. Which always ends up with her looking ridiculous and us laughing at her. With love, of course!

    Brittany: They do! So fast! I don't know what they will think when we start having real babies! Even my mind will be blown I'm sure! (You're about to experience it! I'm so very happy for you!)