(Just for giggles. This was Halloween 2 years ago. I've always been told I have a Cindy-Lou Who nose. I finally decided to embrace it! Husband was Abe Lincoln and Bailee had a little Jockey strapped to her!)

Well, I realized that it has been...
oh, forever
since I've written any details about the craziness of this life!

Husband and I left Sneads and moved to little ole' Graceville.
Husband has a semester and a half left to finish his B.A. degree (wooo!)
so we decided to stop life and focus on that!

I am working at the college that he attends (Go BCF!)
I am the staff writer.
Press Releases are my life.

I love working here again.
(I worked with the President when I was student here...way back in '08!)
There are so many fond memories.
I mean, I met my future husband on this campus!

My one and only bigger-than-me little brother is a student here.
Plus, our good friends from back home are students, also!
Which means my house= all boys.
But, it also means I get two extra brothers and I'm in charge (ha!)

Once Husband graduates, (finally!)
we will be putting his resume out everywhere.
I can't wait for next adventure and the little journeys in between.
As long as Husband is holding my hand, I'll go anywhere.

P.S. God is so good. Can I get an "amen"?


  1. such a cute picture and love that the dog is in it too!

  2. AMEN :) God IS good!
    Love your blog! You and your hubs are the cutest!! I am so happy that everything is going so good for you two! And yay for your hubs being almost finished with school!

  3. Thanks so much! We are excited to see what God has up his sleeve over the next years!