Dear Handsome,

Our life got crazy real fast. With 2 job offers, multiple road trips, and searching for the perfect house (all in the past 3 weeks), I believe we completely skipped over the fact that you finally graduated. I'm so proud of you, Handsome. I know it was hard and at times, seemingly "useless," but you did it. I know it took longer than expected, but if you had stayed with it and didn't take as long...you would have been gone before I even got there and we never would have met. So, that makes it okay with me. You stuck with it and I know it was to better our future. With the sleepless nights studying, the hours of writing, and the dates missed due to school... I feel as though that degree is just as much mine! But you deserve it 100%. These next couple of days are going to be unbelievably stressful. Packing up one house and moving to a different state (throw in my birthday and Christmas somewhere) is crazy and exciting. There's no one else I'd rather have by my side though. You stress me out but calm me down. You make me frustrated but bring such laughter. You're both ridiculous and perfect. I'm sorry I've let life get to me, to us. 
Like you always tell me, "We're in this together, Beautiful." 
I believe you, Handsome. 
And I thank you. 


  1. aww so sweet. i know you're so proud! it's nice to have someone to go through the craziness with.

  2. Thank you! And yes, it is so nice! Keeps me semi-sane!

  3. So sweet! And congrats to your hubby for such an accomplishment! And good luck and safe travels on your next big adventure!

    p.s. your dress is lovely!