1 Good-bye old house, Good-bye FL 2 Little girls so worried Daddy won't be coming back from the gas station 3 FL winter 4 Ready for the move!

1 Sunshine and rain (which eventually turned into snow) favorite. 2 Unpacking...also favorite. 3 Husband's new office. Sorry TN, we're still Gators to the bone. 4 I know that name!

1 Lunch with the family. Surprisingly good (despite the name...and no, we didn't order those) 2 Happy New Year! 3 Olive helping Mama by taking care of that pesky bean bag. 4 Bailee helping Mama by guarding those scary boxes.

1 New favorite sandwich place 2 Bailee chillin' between her Daddy's leg and the couch 3 Spending our gift card at Husband's favorite place! 4 My favorite place because of the free desert (plus, Husband hates them...bonus!)

1 The little things make unpacking more fun. Example: shiny, new, red hangers! 2 Frost on my little bug 3-4 Olive being so like her Mother, an anti-morning and anti-camera person.

While getting this post ready, I have come to two conclusions:

1. I really like the new instagram effect, willow.
2. I need to get better at taking pictures of things other than my puppies and inanimate objects.

Sorry about that.

Happy almost Friday!


  1. I've been reading along for a little while and just wanted to say "hi" :) & that your sweet fur babies are adorable!!!

  2. I haven't even noticed the willow filter, I will definitely try that out next time, love your blog!!


  3. Thank you guys so much! You're comments are too sweet!