good morning, monday

Picture from yesterday's tornado-like weather.

I do realize that it is well into the afternoon hours but I just woke up.


1 Because I'm not working yet. (Keyword...yet.)
2 I stayed up until 1am finishing our wedding album (thank-you shutterfly!) Then proceeded to stay up until 3am to catch up on Hulu.
3 Because I hate myself.

It's a love hate relationship that I have with sleeping in.

I love that it means I can be lazy.
I hate feeling lazy.

I love getting extra sleep.
I hate having too much sleep.


I also hate that I feel less productive on days that I sleep in. Husband wakes up early and goes to work. What do I do? Sleep in. Not fair at all.

Now, don't think I'm this "diva-housewife."
It doesn't happen much, but there are days that I truly sleep til noon, wake up, and hate myself for it.

So, to prevent that from happening (and to keep me from "diva" status.)

I am setting my alarm.

I will wake up early everyday and work on things.

I'm almost done unpacking the house.
So, I'm not sure what things I will work on all day.

But I will get up, get dressed, do my hair and face
And I will work.


  1. Haha, you are a woman after my own heart! ;)

    I did the same things during our early years of marriage (and my job-hunting days). And had the same guilty feelings every time I slept in! But sleep changes a lot when you have a baby, so enjoy these days! :)

  2. I know that feeling. That is great that you are setting that goal! It will be great!