mini messages

Dear Husband, 
I hope you had a fantastic brithday. Minus the mishap with the chocolate chip pancakes (again, why are they so hard to make?) You were to sweet to smile and eat them anyway. And when we went bowling, the girls totally decided to let the boys win, since it was your birthday...love you!

Dear Tennessee, 
You have made this girl very, very happy. Waking up to snow two days in a row? Thank you! You'd think I never lived in snow before, but I have. I just really love snow.

Dear Downton Abbey,
I love/hate you. Don't you understand that we can't watch your show through endless tears?! Lay off a little, geeze.

Dear Me,
I'm so proud of you for being off of soda's for over 2 months and off of caffeine completely for a week. You deserve a special treat. (Yes, I did write a message to myself.)

Dear diybride.com,
I feel so honored that my wedding has graced your pages. To see the sweet post, click (here.)

Happy Monday!


  1. Good job with the no soda/caffeine! That's awesome!

    1. Thank you! It's been tough, but my body is slowly feeling better!

  2. two days of snow, right?! so fun!! and now i am ready for spring :) :)

    1. It has been awesome. I am ready to see some leaves and flowers though! :)