Life lately, captured by everyone's favorite app.

Have you guys tried the new app, Vine? It's pretty awesome. Check it out and find me!
Little girls in their sweater. (They have to share clothes.)
Puppy kisses on the nose.
Movie night with Husband, Mrs. Doubtfire.

Seems totally legit.
I spent hours putting together our budget, finding recipes, organizing shopping lists, etc.
This cracked me up!
Husband took Olive out to play disc golf. He left Bailee with me and she was so heartbroken.

Shopping for a youth work day. Had 50 sodas in my cart...didn't tempt me at all! 
Bailee girl chillin' with her dad.
Youth work day! Felt so good to go through junk and organize everything.
Then, Husband took Bailee out and left Olive. Ohmylanta. She's worse than Bailee. Drama Queen.

We had snow flurries and pretty ice this weekend.
Pretty sure Girl Scouts are angels. These are clearly from Heaven.
Why is the avatar me prettier than the real life me?
Subbed for the first time on Tuesday! Loved it. Doing it again tomorrow!

This needs to happen. Also, the girls who raise their eyebrows for every.single.picture. Not cute.
Yes, I have a Giga Pet on my phone.
InLOVE with my new TOMS sweatshirt. Still wearing it. Day 3. Is that weird?
Best Skype date ever. My parents are THE best. And my Bella-Boo. Love them.

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  1. Loved all of your comments that went along with these photos!!! So many of these made me laugh =) And thin mints....oh soooo good =)

    1. Thank you! I love them. Like, entirely too much!

  2. The comments to go along with the pics are great! I can't believe you have a giga pet on your phone! I totally was in love with those in elementary!

    1. ;) Thanks! And yes! I was talking about them with Husband and he took my phone and downloaded the app! So old school. If you have an iphone you can get one! :)