(Happy Birthday tomorrow, Katie!)

Working part time and subbing occasionally leaves me at home alone a lot, with no one of human intelligence to talk to. Bailee and Olive are super great listeners, but awful advice givers. So, lucky you. I'm grasping for human contact. Listen to my words so I stop talking to dogs and the walls around me.

Things have felt pretty slow this week. Especially in comparison to the first two weeks of March.
My brother and his girlfriend came and visited us for a week and then one of our old youth from Florida came and stayed also. Our house was full of memories and fun times. The best way to spend days if you ask me!

Last week, the stomach bug hit us hard. First Husband, then it inevitably hit me. Only mine decide to stay and turn into a cold/flu. (And I didn't even lose a single pound. What good is a stomach flu if you don't lose some extra weight?!) Today was the first time I woke up and was able to take a full breath. Which is perfect timing because next week is our Spring break and we are taking 30 youth to Ohio for a mission trip. I've never been to Ohio, so I'm pretty excited to explore. Bonus, it's only 5 hours away (compared to our Spring break mission trip last year, which was 14 hours away in Arlington, TX.) I'm a Texas girl through and through (fun fact: my 5 times Great Grandfather was one of the signers for the Texas Declaration of Independence) but I'm not a fan of 14 hour road trips with hormonal/crazy and teens. (But if you are one of those teens reading this, I love you so so big.)

My friend had a small birthday celebration in Nashville this past weekend. We tried to get into The Pharmacy but an hour and a half wait was not so appetizing. So, we found the cutest Mexican restaurant and still ended up waiting an hour and half, but totally worth it. We live down the road from Nashville, but I always forget about it. I'm sure there's all kinds of exploring to be done in that grand city. I'm a lover of big cities. Not a fan of cow towns. I've had my fill of those. I like knowing there's something cool happening at any given moment. Good or bad, I know...but I focus on the good.

I found a wood wick candle look alike without the crazy expensive price tag. So, there's that.

(Insert rant of bad hair experience #45867. If I've seen you face to face in the last month, you've already heard this story and you can skip to the next paragraph.)
I got my hair cut a few weeks ago. I was forming dreads and my ombre was boring me, so I figured I needed a trim and new color. Well, can I just say, there are few things more frustrating than finding the right hair stylist. We've been here almost a year and half and I still haven't found "the one." I may be too picky, but it's my hair! I'm allowed to be picky! Now, my hair is thick. Like, too thick. And every time I go to a new hair lady, they go on and on about the thickness of my hair. They call all the ladies around to touch and feel and lift my crazy amount of hair. I'm 100% used to it. I don't know any different, because I've always had this hair. Well, this new lady kept on commenting how much hair I had. After the 20th time, I started to get nervous. I started to realize maybe she didn't exactly know how to cut and style this kind of hair. I had a roommate in college who had crazy gorgeous curly curly hair and I remember her struggle of finding people who would dare touch her locks. (She did however let me cut it once, only once though. Maybe that's a sign.) Never did I think my thickness would cause a professional to stumble. Well, homegirl stumbled. Instead of thinning my hair (you know, those scissors that don't cut all the way through?) she straight up cut chunks into my hair. I'm not talking layers. No, random chunks missing. And, because my hair was "too thick," there's spots all over where she didn't put any dye at all. Folks, my hair is half the amount it usually is. Of course, that probably puts me in the average of how much hair people normally have, but I don't know what to do with it! I've got a half mullet on one side where she was trying to "get rid of the thickness." I have to wrap the ponytail holder another time, I don't have as much volume, goodness. Not cool.

Our lease is up in December and we are not going to renew it. Which means.... house hunting and buying our first house! I'm so so so ready. I LOVE moving and unpacking and painting and decorating. Ahhh, I get so carried away on Pinterest. So ready to put some of those pins into action. Maaaaybe I've already been "window shopping" for houses. Probably not the best idea since I get too emotionally attached to items, but I can't help it! Sue me.

Actually, don't sue me. We have nothing you'd want.

After taking a year away from teaching, God has shown me that perhaps I do belong in the classroom. The desires have come back, I will admit. Although, just the other day I woke up wanting to be a doula and then a photographer and then "You've Got Mail" came on and my biggest dream of being a children's bookstore owner came back to me. So, whatever it is, a full time job is in my near future (hopefully.)

I really wish I loved vegetables and running like I love cheeseburgers and sleeping.

Thank you so much for sitting with me and talking. I really enjoyed it. Same time next week?

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