It's a cold, rainy Saturday here in middle Tennessee.
But I still HAD to get out of the house.
You ever have those moments (days/weeks) where you just have the itch to get up, shower, and drive?
That's today for me.
Probably due to the week of being sick and stuck inside.
It's like I can SEE the sick germs in my house.
I just want to open all the doors and windows and Lysol the begeebies out of everything.
But, it's rainy and slightly freezing, so I'm stuck with just cleaning.
I don't want to clean though!
I can hear birds happily chirping outside (despite the drizzly rain), which speaks to my adventurous spirit and tells me to get up and go!
Alas, rainy day activities are limited.
So, it's probably just going to be a trip to the bank and some other errands.
But, we'll take the back roads and the long way home, maybe even rent a movie for date night in.
Oh Saturday, I like you.


  1. i am aaaaall too familiar with the must get out of the house feeling! sometimes even the silliest errands fix that, though, right!

  2. Yes! And a stop at my favorite mexican restaurant! Mexican food always fixes things. :)