dreaming of baby girl...

She has a gender.
She has a name.
She has a face that husband already claims has my nose.
She has us wrapped and we haven't even "met" her yet.

I can't stop remembering seeing her at the ultrasound yesterday.
30 minutes of uninterrupted Emmerson movie-time.
I prayed for clear boy/girl parts and baby girl was in the perfect position 
(little behind sticking straight up.)
Cute for now, but we'll work on lady like positions when she's here.
She was moooooooving.
Active little girl.
(Can't actually feel her yet, but she was swinging all arms and legs, 
opening and closing her cute little mouth.)
Dancer, maybe?

Pinterest is no longer a safe place for me.
Give me all things baby girl!
Headbands! Oh the headbands.
(Not the oversized bows/flowers though. 
Simple, precious is the key.)
Everything I'd wear, but mini sized.
Yes, I will be that mom.
The one that occasionally matches with her baby.
No shame.

I hope she has Husband's black hair and freckles.
And Mamaw's smile.

I've already cried thinking about her daddy giving her away at her wedding.
And telling her all about the lady her middle name came from (my Mamaw.)

Oh, Emmerson Marie, you have stolen our hearts and turned our world upside down.

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  1. I am so so happy for you both! And I love the name!!! Congratulations! (Oh, and take it from me, little girls will make you go broke! LOL)