mini messages

Dear hash browns,
You are officially my first pregnancy driven craving. Congrats! Now Husband, keep 'em coming.

Dear Dancing with the Stars,
I have never watched you, but I started last night because of my love for Duck Dynasty's sweet Sadie Robertson (and Carlton.) But, is it a written rule that dancers/celebrities are supposed to be SO mushy gushy touchy feely? Do those people get extra points? Creeeeepy.

Dear Bailee girl,
You have no idea how much my heart hurt driving away from the vet without you! I hope you are staying warm and they're giving you extra loves. You are quite aware of how cute you are, so I'm sure you're milking it.

Dear Emmerson Marie,
Grow baby girl, grow! I feel you moving ever so slightly, can't wait for those strong kicks!

Dear Water,
Taste better so I'll want to drink more of you.

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