an emmerson update

I might possibly be the worst at keeping you guys updated on the happenings inside my belly.
Awkward? Sorry.
I always planned on doing weekly baby bump pictures/updates...
well, here I am, 28 weeks later...whoops.

So, here's my third trimester update!
(Better late than never to start, right?)

We have 12 more weeks until little girl graces the world with her presence. 
I had a moment of shock when I realized that. 
12 weeks?! 
That's like..tomorrow.

According to my nifty baby app, Emmerson is 2.2 pounds/15 inches long (a cucumber.)
According to my weight and the amount of movement, she's the whole Veggie Tales cast.
(This is where some bloggers make mention about their weight gain...ain't happening.
Let's just say I'm looking forward to stepping into that gym post-baby!)

I've tried to get "maternity" clothes that I can wear after baby. 
Mostly sweaters, which I like big and comfy, no matter what size I am! 
But, maternity jeans/leggings...my best friends. 
Why would I even want to go back to normal buttons and zippers?

Sleep has gotten more and more...interesting. 
I'm usually a stomach and back sleeper. 
Both of which I've had to train my body to stop. 
Also, I'm a turner.
 Every few hours, I have to switch sides. 
Poor Husband, we've had to resort to two different comforters because of my constant tossing and turning.

Best moments so far?
Seeing the potato's heartbeat (week 5 does not look like a baby)
Hearing the heartbeat for the first time.
Seeing the ultrasound that actually looked like a baby.
It's a GIRL!
Any and every conversation that Husband and I have about our little girl.
Feeling those first "flutters."
Seeing my stomach twitch and roll.
Baby showers.

I started out with awful morning/all day sickness. 
Thankfully, that went away around week 14.
But, the constant symptom has been acid reflux. 
TUMS have become my daily "dessert" after most meals.
I'm hot. 
All the time.
I'm usually freezing, so this has been the biggest change.
I'm so, so thankful for TN's Fall and Winter weather!
Is back/hip pain a symptom? 
Cause, there's that.
All of which I just put under the "growing pains" category.
Worth it.

Snickers and Sandwiches.
All day.

My belly button is morphing.
Kind of being stretched flat.

Her nursery theme is maps and hot air balloons.
Pastel yellows, blues, greens.

I wish I had adorable pictures to show my growing belly, but my self conscience-ness of being in front of a camera has doubled since being pregnant.
I love my belly.
It's the puffy face and arms I could do without.

Again I say,

Worth it.

Well, there you go, (Mom, random friends/family members)
an Emmerson Marie update.

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