Things have changed since Emmerson came into our lives.
Mornings now start around 5:30am (6:30 if we're lucky!)
And for two parents that love sleep, it's been an adjustment.
But there's something so sweet about waking up to a little person that relies on you for everything.
I can't help but smile when I see those big eyes looking up at me from her crib.
We slowly walk into the kitchen to get a bottle, talking about our dreams and the day ahead of us.
We sit on the couch and I watch her eat.
The look of content on her baby face.
Then come the snuggles.
Oh, the snuggles.
My favorite part of any day.
Emmerson lays her head on my chest and her little hands hold tight to me.
Like a teeny tiny hug that has healing powers.
She slowly drifts off to sleep, because she knows her Mama is going to watch over her
and my heart melts for 5438th time.

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