this season

I know I'll say this for every season,
but this 2 month old Emmerson is my favorite yet.

As soon as she was born and in my arms, 
I could tell she had such a sweet spirit.
Big eyes looking around at the brand new world
and sweet hands holding on for dear life.
Husband and I have loved seeing that personality get bigger and bigger.

The adorable smiles and genuine giggles.
The observant eyes trying to take in the big world around her.
Sleeping soundly through the night (!!!)
Holding her head up high and strong.
Always choosing to snuggle on Mama's chest over anything else.
Smacking her lips and chewing her fingers.
Recognizing our voices.
Less spitting up, more bubble making.
She loves her music loud 
(full of Barry Manilow and Sandi Patty hits, 
mixed with some Lecrae and broadway musicals...of course!)
Sitting in my lap and watching my shows with me.
Tolerating tummy time like a champ.
Making happy noises and "talking."

She feels everything passionately.
When she's happy...
oh man,
eyes are big, legs and arms are going 100mph.
When she's sad...
oh! It's the end of the world!
Add in her newfound tears and things are that much more pitiful
(and dramatic!)

Some might say she's just like her mama...
(and I'll claim her proudly!)

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