emmerson says... (part 5)

"Steddy (spaghetti) tastes a little saucy."

"My belly has bad dreams."

"What in the whole wide world?!"

"I wish you smelled like the shower man."

"That was a chicken burp."

"Guess what that man said? 'Don't worry about your kids, cause they're weird.'"

"Y'all didn't hear it, but my poop made a squeak sound."

"Red freccos (freckles) are coming up to my bottom!"

"There was a little turtle inside his seashell."

"My brain is talking too fast."

"This fork is not respecting me."

"My teachers keep telling me it's real, but it's a puppet! A PUPPET!"

"You look different. It's a little good. I like it sometimes. Look like a lady."

"I think Hutch's hiccups are making his hair orange."

"Hey. If you had knees like a triangle, you would be weird. You can't walk with triangle knees."

"My belly's not respecting me."

"Oh man. My bangs are destroying me!"

"I flossed my teeth. I flossed them so there's no monster in there."

"If they're a little bit sour, they're skittles. If they're chocolate, they're m&ms."

"If you want me to fire you, I will. I will call the fire truck."

"I gotta get new toes that don't make me trip. Gotta go to the toe store and get new toes!"


"Boys. Are. Weird. They toot every time."

"If a boy has to go pee, he has to stand. He has to stand and pull the peanuts out. We'll have to teach Hutch."

"I'm thinking 'bout which star has Jesus in it."

"First, it was thunder in my head. But then it was actually outside."

"What does it feel like in your brain when you go poop? It feels like a little bit of yourself just gets real tight."

"Whose chocolate milk is this?"
Mine, baby.
"....you need it?"
(as she slowly slides it towards her.)

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