tuesday letters


Dear Covid, 

Thanks for stopping by. Some might say you're a little late to the party, but we know you just like to make an entrance. Now, make an exit and give me my smell back.

Dear First Lavaca church family,    

I will never stop saying it, living far away from family isn't easy. Especially when one of you is so, so sick. BUT, when you have a church family like we do, you *almost* forget you're "alone." Thank you for the groceries, the dinners, the check ups, and the flowers. We survived only because of you!

Dear Summer, 

I'm not ready for you yet. So, please go back into your little hole and wait your turn.

Dear Husband, 

Thanks for holding down the fort this past week and a half. Whenever I got a glance at the kids, they seemed fed and mostly clean. I'll accept my "I don't know how you do it. You're the best wife." speech in the form of Amazon Prime. Thanks.

Dear Candy Crush,

I quit you years ago, but isolation makes you do crazy things. Welcome back, old friend.

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