i'm gonna praise

I used to believe you couldn’t worship through song while you were fighting your darkness. 

I thought it would be hypocritical to sing the words that caused an internal struggle. 

That type of thinking stripped so much joy from my life. 

For years, I lost the song in my heart as I sat in silence. 

How could I praise Him? 

Why should I? 

The answer, I now know, is because HE DOESN’T LEAVE ME THERE. 

There, in my darkness. 

There, in my pain. 

There, alone and lost. 

I CAN sing while I’m there because being there is never the end. 

He’s never left me in my darkness before and He will bring me out again.

“I'm gonna sing my way out of the valley. 
I'm gonna shout my way up to the mountain. 
I will take hold of the truth of Your promise. 
I'm gonna praise. I'm gonna praise. 
I'm gonna push through 'til every lie crumbles. 
I'm gonna dance in the midst of the rain. 
I'm gonna rest in the arms of the Father. 
I'm gonna praise. I'm gonna praise Your name.”

I can praise because He’s promised there’s more to come. 

He’s promised this isn’t the end and the story will continue.

”Fear and depression,
Shame and confusion,
You have to bow.
You have to bow.
All lesser things
That demand my attention,
You have to bow.”

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