this is depression

The smiling lady holding her new puppy? 

She struggles with depression. 

The pastor’s wife that sings on stage? 

She has crippling anxiety. 

The mom of two “perfect” (ha.) children? 

She can’t get out of bed some days. 

The person that posts happy pictures and little moments of her day? 

They take antidepressants because something just.won’t.click. in their brains. 

The woman full of smiles and hellos every Sunday morning? 

She’s never felt so lonely in her life. 

Check on your friends. 

Your acquaintances. 

Your family. 

Your librarian. 

Your cashier. 

Your teachers. 

Your pastor. 

Your kids. 

Depression doesn’t come with a physical trait. It’s an invisible disease that infects more people than you’d ever realize. 

It’s an exhausting battle, fellow Christians. 

See us. Speak His truth into us. Fight for us.

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