when we started therapy...

when it started {here}  when it was time for help {here}  when we came here {here}

We started therapy not long after Hutch was born.

... there were tears falling

and fears spoken.

There were blames thrown

and convictions hitting.

There was trust tearing

and walls building.

It started hard, with defenses rising to deflect any pain.

It came each week with both dread and relief.

In my darkness, I had my realities and lies switched.

My lies were stone cold truth.

Reality was seen through twisted glasses.

Therapy gave my Husband tools to understand me.

To re-love this broken version of me.

To guide me back to the real reality.

Therapy gave me validation.

That I wasn't going crazy.

That I wasn't alone.

And that I wasn't going to stay like this forever.

After months of speaking all the words that could be spoken, 

we turned to medication...

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