tms week two


120% babyyyy!

Going into week two, I was SO much more prepared.

Mentally, physically, and spiritually.

God's family y'all.

At church Sunday, I was stopped by so many sweet people asking about me and checking in on me.

I was enveloped by arms as I went down to the alter to pray.

I FELT His presence.

I haven't felt that in a long, long time.

Thank you.

The weather in Arkansas has been frosty as of late. 

School was out M-W, so we had two cuties in the car on the way to my appointments.

Monday, Emmerson prayed over me before I got out of the car.

Something about hearing my sweet 8 year old pray that "Mommy would know You are right beside her..."

I lost it.

My babes.

Monday went as planned.

We "upped" the percentage some and it only hurt a little.

Tuesday was canceled because the road conditions were so bad.

Wednesday, I MADE IT TO 120%!

I couldn't believe it when my Dr "upped" the power and then proclaimed, "That's 120!"

I seriously almost told him to shut up. 

I couldn't believe it.

A lot have asked what it feels like.

It's hard to put into exact words, but have you ever been to a chiropractor, or had those sticky pads put on your back, legs, etc, that pulse electricity?

It's like that.

Only, it's on the highest power and 40 individual "shocks" for 10 seconds straight, a 10 second break, then 40 more, and so on.

For roughly 20 minutes.

So, yes. It hurts.

And, I don't know why, but some days it REALLY hurts.

Thursday, REALLY hurt.

(I also tripped and sprained my ankle getting ready that morning, so that may have been a source of pain.)

Friday, REALLY hurt, again. 

I’m afraid it might just hurt from here on. 

2 weeks down, 7 to go! 

We got this. 

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