tuesday letters


I'm all brother has and Murray is an only child... favorite Aunt forever!

Dear Baby Jack,

You are the most precious forever baby boy. A few days with you will cure everyone of everything, I'm sure of it. I miss having a little voice repeat the last word of every sentence back to me. Never grow up.

Dear Husband, 

I see you over there, shrinking before my eyes. You are aging like fine... cheese (we don't drink... so...) I just wish getting back in shape was as easy for me. It's hard to be attracted to AND jealous of you. 

Dear Murray,

Thank you for giving me the freelance job of my dreams. As your personal butler (my title according to Hutch) I do require attending EVERY Las Vegas, NYC, everyothercoolcity conferences with you. Mmmmkay?

Dear Summer,

I know I said I was over you and I was ready for school. BUT, we have Kindergarten Open House tonight and this mama AIN'T READY. My baby!

Dear 2023,

I like you. You can stay.

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