Goodness, I'm behind. Honeymoon Part 3!

So, I've been slowly putting the pictures up a month at a time.
Not on purpose!

Here we go again!

On this day we started with lunch at Husband's favorite, Red Lobster!

Obvious reason to eat here.

We spent the day walking around downtown Gatlinburg!

Our tickets to get into 3 of the 8 parks!

Probably my favorite.

Ugly little thing!

Shark Tunnel!

Sweet girl ahead of us.

Scuba Steve!

I want a little penguin to follow me around. One that tap dances.

Husband touched a manta-ray!

I don't want there to be a million pictures in one post.
There's still MORE to come!

Guinness World Records, Biltmore, and more shows!


  1. haha! love the ugly fish photo! =D And Red Lobster does have THE best biscuits.

  2. You are so right! I could go there everyday for the biscuits alone!

  3. "obvious reason to eat here"

    we (my man and i) would totally agree with you there. sometimes we just talk about those cheesy biscuits and wish we could eat them all the time.