Children's Church and Mini Messages

Being sick all week caused me to wake up Sunday morning with no voice. It wouldn't have been such a big deal, except that I teach Children's Church and we happened to be FULL with 9 kids and myself. So it's easy to understand why I wanted to cry when I saw this handsome man walking down the hall to help me. So what do you do with a class full of kids and no voice? Play-Doh of course!

Love these precious kids! Thanks for your help, Husband!

------------------------------- Mini Messages----------------------------------

Dear Summer,
You came and left way too fast. Teacher work week in 2 weeks? Yuck.

Dear Running,
Take it easy on me! I've been fat and lazy for way too long!

Dear Shins,
Quit hating me while I run.

Dear "New" Car,
Please make everything work out so I can get you.

Dear Hair,
Grow faster.

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