just because...

i dont feel like capitalizing anything.
dont tell my students.

i dont want to unpack one more box.
even if theres something i need inside of it.

just because.

i dont want to take a shower.
i took one this morning, do i have too?

i want to eat my weight in mexican food.
all the time.

just because.

i want to go to the zoo.
and see the animals.

i dont want to ever have to work again.
just travel with husband every day.

just because.


  1. Hi Lauren!

    I found your blog and wanted to say Hi and congrats on your recent marriage! I love finding other couples who have just gotten married! I followed your blog and will be reading it all the time. I have two blogs, a blog just for me to encourage other girls and a blog with my husband. Here they are: http://braveheartedliving.blogspot.com/ and http://www.youngandmarried.net/.


  2. Thanks so much for your sweet words and for following! I will definitely be checking out your blogs!