Today I...

-showed off the new house to the In-loves.
-ate my weight in Chick-fil-A.
-got new clothes for the school year. Teachers have to go back to school shopping, too! (Thanks In-loves!)
-stocked the pantry with groceries for the first time, ever. (Thanks In-loves!)
-found out my wedding rings won't be back on my finger for another month. (Boo, Jared's!)
-started my running training.

Ok, so I'm still alive. But, can we talk about my shins for just a moment?! Ouch! I haven't had this pain since my dancing years! I'm so out of shape and I need to get back into it. Pronto.

Hope you guys are having a happy weekend!!

Picture: Last Sunday, after church there were two rainbows! You can barely see the second one, right underneath the bright one. Speaking of double rainbows...



  1. Aww, what a sweet blog you have here! :)
    Love the double rainbow video!! Sooo funny! haha

  2. Thanks, friend!! I love the blogging world!

  3. shin pain is horrible!!! i've had shin splints for months now. good luck!